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Continued from 2016

The Tap Blog 27.03.2017
How Does Dr Steve Pieczenik Keep His Cool With Alex Jones?

The Tap Blog 16.03.2017
History Revision = Thought Crime?

The Tap Blog 14.03.2017
You’re A Nazi. No, You’re A Nazi! Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah…

The Tap Blog 11.03.2017
Is Khunt A Rude Phonetic?

The Tap Blog 25.02.2017
BBC & Hollywood vs Trump – Child Violators vs Child Protectors?:

The Tap Blog 22.02.2017
The Social Justice Warrior Mob Get Milo:

The Tap Blog 20.02.2017
Those Who Dare To Review History:

The Tap Blog 19.02.2017
CNN’s Don Lemon Acts The Lemon Over Fake News:
Presstitiute Award To Jon Sopel: “BBC… impartial, free and fair…”:

The Tap Blog 18.02.2017
Joy Villa – the woman who wore that dress:
Trump Threat To Deep State Child Abuse Network:

The Tap Blog 17.02.2017
Tony Bliar F— Off!:

The Tap Blog 16.02.2017
Oliver Moody Presstitute Award For Pushing Vaccines:

The Tap Blog 15.02.2017
To Be Or Not To Be Semitic.:

The Tap Blog 14.02.2017
A Dialogue Not A Monologue:

The Tap Blog 12.02.2017
BBC Any Accusations? Presstitute Award: Stalinist Matt Kelly, The New European!:

The Tap Blog 10.02.2017
Government Is Not God:

The Tap Blog 09.02.2017
Marine Le Penn On €U Russian Sanctions: “The Sanctions Are Completely Stupid!”:

The Tap Blog 06.02.2017
Retired Labourer Patrick Tells BBC: “You’re The Most Dishonest Bunch!”:

The Tap Blog 04.02.2017
Sign Against Government Devastating Stonehenge:

The Tap Blog 03.02.2017
Human Intelligence 304 – Internet Addiction:

The Tap Blog 30.01.2017
Are Baxter Dimtry, David Hardy & Sean Adl-Tabatabai Fake Or Real?

The Tap Blog 23.01.2017
Donald Trump? Think Pink!

Pulbiber: 17.01.201
7Ned Pamphilon'dan Resim Sergisi: "İstanbul ve Ötesi"

Liderler.Net: 16.01.2017
Ned Pamphilon Yeni Resim Sergisi Palladium'da:

The Tap Blog 11.01.2017
Trump Press Conference Electric:

Sky Road: 07.01.2017
Ned Pamphilon: Istanbul: The Centre Of The World

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Continued from 2015

Milliyet Sanat: British artist Pamphilon's solo exhibition ‘Why Istanbul?' continues 23.12.2016

Milliyet Sanat: ‘Ned’den İstanbul? 12.12.2016

Milliyet Newspaper: ‘Ned’den İstanbul? 10.12.2016

Aydınliık Newspaper 05.12.2016

Kitaptan Sanattan 04.12.2016

The Tap Blog 28.11.2016
BBC Let Slip Comment On Bill Clinton: “He was a disgusting man.”

The Tap Blog 25.11.2016
Jesus’s Mum? Let’s Go On The Internet!

Communism In Our Schools As Environmentalism:

The Tap Blog 23.11.2016
“If you can’t cope with words on a poster, how are you going to cope with having your dick chopped off?!”

The Tap Blog 22.11.2016
Lesbians & Witchcraft Go Together Like Donald Trump & Winning:

The Tap Blog 18.11.2016
Drain The Mainstream Media Swamp!

The Tap Blog 15.11.2016
G. Eward Griffin responds to attack by Wigington:

The Tap Blog 12.11.2016
The Use Of The Word….

The Tap Blog 10.11.2016
Bill Mitchell Show: e.g. of Alternitive Media Defeating The Mainstream

The Tap Blog 09.11.2016

The Tap Blog 08.11.2016
WikiLeaks must publish and be damned:

The Tap Blog 08.11.2016
Message From Florida: Trump To Win

The Tap Blog 07.11.2016
Trump Gay & Alternative Media Love-In:

The Tap Blog 06.11.2016
This Is A Monster That Must Be Killed:

The Tap Blog 06.11.2016

The Tap Blog 05.11.2016
New From Steve Piecznik:

Kadıköy Life: 03.11.2016
İstanbul ve Atatürk hayranı bir İngiliz ressam:

The Tap Blog 03.11.2016
Clinton Wikileaks Exposes Entire ‘Shadow Government’– Jay Dyer:
Compare The Comments & The Crowds. Who Would You Judge As Favourite?
Griffin, you’ve got this wrong. Climate change is real. G. Edward responds…:
The Tap Blog 02.11.2016
Latest Veritas Video:
Julian Assange Out Embassy & Safe:
The End Of Bill & Hillary’s Adventures On The Lolita Express? Counter coup gathers strength:

The Tap Blog 01.11.2016
Gay Trump Supporter Milo Meets A BBC Presstitute:

The Tap Blog 30.10.2016
Remember Remember the 5th of November:

The Tap Blog 28.10.2016
Voting For The Vagina?

Bu Kalp Seni Unutur Mu Sergisi Cumhuriyet’in 93. Yılına özel: 27.10.2016
Atatürk portreleri “Bu Kalp Seni Unutur Mu?” ile bir arada:
Galeri İstanbul1881 Atatürk resimleriyle açılıyor:
Atatürk portreleri “Bu Kalp Seni Unutur Mu?” ile bir arada:

The Tap Blog 27.10.2016
How come only exceptionals get to self-hate? TAP, you decide…:

The Tap Blog 24.10.2016
Rebekah Roth Analyses FOI Mega Data Re: 9/11. Her Critics Do Not:

The Tap Blog 23.10.2016
Andrew Mitchell MP – will you invite Vanessa’s testimony, yes or no?

The Tap Blog 20.10.2016
A PR job to make Asma al-Assad look good? It works on me!

The Tap Blog 17.10.2016
“The campaign to confuse the American people has been intense.”>

The Tap Blog 15.10.2016
Josh ‘Trump’ / ‘UKIP’ Smith Slams Politicians & Clinton On BBC:

The Tap Blog 14.10.2016
Challenge: Andrew Mitchell MP Debate Vanessa Beeley On Syria:

The Tap Blog 10.10.2016
You talkin’ to me? Yes Bob, I am!

The Tap Blog 16.07.2016
Turkish coup was media theatrical:

The Tap Blog 05.07.2016
Corbyn Stand Your Ground:

The Tap Blog 30.06.2016
Petition: Repeal 1972 €uro Comms Act immediately on EU Referendum OUT vote:
Iceland’s Independence Is Icleand’s Strength:

The Tap Blog 30.06.2016
Nigel Farage: "I think Hillary Clinton is a crook":

The Tap Blog 05.06.2016
Child Journalism:

The Tap Blog 26.03.2016
David Irving references the Rothschild films:

20.05.2016 - TURK CNN:
Aziz Sancar, Nobel Ödülü'nü Anıtkabir'e armağan etti:
"Genelkurmay Başkanı Orgeneral Akar da Prof. Dr. Sancar'a, İngiliz ressam Ned Pamphilon tarafından 23 Nisan'da Anıtkabir'e ziyarete gelen çocuklarla yapılan "Hayatta en hakiki mürşit ilimdir" konulu tabloyu hediye etti."
Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan, Nobel Ödülü’nün Anıtkabir Komutanlığına Takdim Töreni:
Ned Pamphilon’un Eseri Aziz Sancar’a Hediye Edildi! 
Aziz Sancar Nobel Ödülü'nü Anıtkabir'e takdim etti. Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan'da katıldı:

14.05.2016 - Sözcü Newspaper weekend supplement:

BMW gig: Be My World
Kosifler Oto’dan İstanbul’a Adanmış Özel Bir Sergi:
Sanata tam destek...
Anneler Günü kutlu olsun:
İş,Sanat ve Cemiyet Dünyası “İstanbul: Be My World” Resim Sergisinde Buluştu:

Bağdat Magazin 05.05.2016
İstanbul aşığı İngiliz ressam Bağdat Caddesi’nde:
'İstanbul: Be My World' sergisine yoğun ilgi
İngiliz ressamın çizgileri Kadıköy’de:
Ressam Ned Pamphilon’un “İstanbul: Be My World” Sergisi:

Anitkabir Istanbul1881 video:
Ned Pamphilon ve 1.100 çocuk Prof.Dr.Aziz Sancar için tuvalin başında:

Küçük Ressamlar Anıtkabir'de 23 Nisan 20016 Proje Filmi:
TV coverage of 23.04.2016:
Küçük Ressamlar Anıtkabir'de Projesi CNN TÜRK Haberler 23.04.2016:
Küçük Ressamlar Anıtkabir'de 2 TRT HABER HABER 18 23.04.2016:
Küçük Ressamlar Anıtkabir'de STAR TV ANA HABER 23.04.2016:
Küçük Ressamlar Anıtkabir'de KANAL B ANA HABER BÜLTENİ 23.04.2016:
Küçük Ressamlar Anıtkabir'de ULUSAL KANAL ANA HABER BÜLTENİ 23.04.2016:
Küçük Ressamlar Anıtkabir'de TGRT HABER GECE HABERLERİ 23.04.2016:
Küçük Ressamlar Anıtkabir'de KANAL D HABER 23.04.2016:

Hurriyet 23.04.2016
Minik ressamlar Anıtkabir'de Atatürkün sözünü kalplerle boyadılar:

Bu etkinlik Atatürk için 22.04.2016

The Tap Blog 26.03.2016
Forsyth Quotes EU Founding Father Monnet On BBC… no one cares:

Various media sources following Ace of M.I.C.E. award.
Yeni Gün 23.03.2015

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Continued from 2014

The Tap Blog 19.11.2015
Recovering A Sense Of The Divine:

10 Nov 2015 anniversary of Atatürk's death:
ATA'ya Saygı Dalışı 10 Kasım 2015:
CHA - Maltepe'de Atatürk için saygı dalışı:
Hurriyet TV: Dalgıçlar Denizin Altından Atatürk?ün Gözleriyle Çıktı:
Hurriyet Daily News Photo Gallery:
Deniz Haber: Derinler Saygı Dalışı Topluluğu, "Ata'ya Saygı Dalışı" gerçekleştirdi:
Sech Haber:: 10 Kasım Ata’ya Saygı Dalışı:

Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal at Kadıköy Cultural Centre:
03.11.2015 -
İngiliz ressamdan Atatürk sergisi:
İngiliz ressamdan Cumhuriyet sergisi:
Beklenen Atatürk sergisi açıldı:
Beklenen Atatürk sergisi açıldı:
'Her Yer Mustafa Her Kemal' Sergisi Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi'nde!:
“Her yer Mustafa her yer Kemal/yurtta ve dünyada barış”:
Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal:
Beklenen Atatürk sergisi açıldı:
Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal sergisi:
"Her yer Mustafa, her yer Kemal... temalı Atatürk sergisi İstanbu'da açıldı:
Yurtta ve Dünyada Barış için Caddebostan'a:
'Her Yer Mustafa Her Kemal' Sergisi Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi'nde!:
“Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal”:
Atatürk hayranı İngiliz:
“Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal” Yurtta ve Dünyada Barış için Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi’nde:
İngiliz ressamdan Cumhuriyet sergisi:
İngiliz ressamdan Cumhuriyet sergisi:
Atatürk hayranı İngiliz:
“Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal” Yurtta ve Dünyada Barış için Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi’nde:

Various media sources 30.10.2015
"Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal/Yurtta ve Dünyada Barış"... ANLAMLI SERGİ, CADDEBOSTAN KÜLTÜR MERKEZİ!NDE !..
Beklenen Atatürk sergisi açıldı:

Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal at Kadıköy Cultural Centre:
Various media sources 27.10.2015
'Her Yer Mustafa Her Kemal' Sergisi Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi'nde!
Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal:
'Her Yer Mustafa Her Kemal' Sergisi Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi'nde:
'Her Yer Mustafa Her Kemal' Sergisi Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi'nde!:
Beklenen Atatürk sergisi açıldı:
"Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal":
Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal:
Atatürk hayranı İngiliz:

The Tap Blog 04.09.2015
BBC no longer rational:
Corbyn Wipes The Floor With Them All:

İnebolu Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal 25-27.08.2015

Ned Pamphılon’dan Teşekkür Ziyareti:
İngiliz ressamdan Atatürk tablosu:
Atatürk'ün İnebolu'ya Gelişi, Şapka ve Kıyafet İnkılabı'nın 90. yıl dönümü:
İngiliz ressamdan Atatürk tablosu:
İngiliz ressamdan Atatürk tablosu:
Bu serpuşun ismine şapka denir:
İngiliz ressamdan Atatürk tablosu:,xasQqYToS0-RezxZ_ZI8CQ
Şapka İnkılabı'nın 90. Yıldönümü... İNEBOLU'DA COŞKU DOLU BİR KUTLAMA !..
İngiliz ressamdan Atatürk tablosu:
Bravo İnebolu Belediyesi:

Çeşme Marina Exhibition:
Milliyet 09.08.2015
Bügün İzmir 24.07.2015:
Çeşme Marina'da Yaz Zamanı
İngiliz ressam Pamphilon’un yeni sergisi Çeşme’de açıldı:
İngiliz ressam Pamphilon’un yeni sergisi Çeşme’de açıldı:
Ege Haber:
Avrupa Gazete: İngiiz Sanatçı sergi gelirini Şehit Binbaşı Arslan Kulaksız’ın ailesine verecek:
Şehit binbaşının çocukları için...
İzmir Bügün: Ned Pamphilon Sergisinin Gelirini Şehit Binbaşı Arslan Kulaksız'ın Ailesine Bağışlayacak!
Sergi geliri Binbaşı Arslan Kulaksız’ın çocuklarına

Haber Hurriyeti 22.07.2015
Ned Pamphilon, İstanbul ve Atatürk temasıyla Çeşme’de:

Yaz Zamanı 21.07.2015
Exhibition at Cesme Marina:

TAP Blog 21.07.2015
Bombing Syria Raping Kids:

Urfa Habercisi 28.06.2015
PM 116 Net 24.06.2015

Avrupa 24.06.2015
İngiliz Ressam Ned Pamphilon'dan History of The World Göbeklitepe:

Aydınlık Gazete 23.06.2015
Atatürk hayranı ressam Türkiye’yi tanıtacak:

TAP Blog 08.06.2015
Douglas Carswell, you are talking out of the back of your rrr’s:

Milliyet name check 07.06.2015:
Japon Türk Com 07.06.2015:
Fırkateynde Atatürk’ün gözleri!

TAP Blog 21.05.2015
It’s The Internet Stupid!: 20.05.2015: Samsun Heykeli:
Anıtkabir'de binlerce kişi:
(Check the Samsun Horseback photo)
Bodrum Haber: O resim de Anıtkabirde`ydi:
İngiliz Ressam Ned Pamphilon, Atatürk geleceği gençlere bıraktı:

NTV 19.05.2015
Turkey's top judge urges gov’t over separation of powers, ‘copy-paste’ charter:
(Check the photo),jLgQ0sH_ckmVxa1A1kWvDw
O resim de Anıtkabirde'ydi
"Samsun Heykeli" 19 Mayıs'ta Anıtkabir'de

Samsun Horseback reproduction at about 12.50 mins:
Mozart's Turkish March by Pianist Gülsin Onay - Live from Anitkabir 19.05.2015

Samsun Horseback reproduction at about 12.50 mins:
Mozart's Turkish March by Pianist Gülsin Onay - Live from Anitkabir 19.05.2015
Hurriyet Daily news 28.04.2015
Turkey's top judge urges gov’t over separation of powers, ‘copy-paste’ charter:
(Check the photo)

OdaTV 24.04.2015
Anıtkabir çocuklarla rengarenk oldu:
Channel 7
Hurriyet Newspaper 24.04.2015:
Ataturk's Eyes at Anitkabir:
Spirit of Gallipoli revisited at Atatürk's Mausoleum: 

YouTube videos of The Eyes at Anitkabir 24.04.2015:

Avrupa Gazete 21.04.2015:
İngiliz Ressam Ned Pamphilon çocuklarla Anıtkabir’de buluşacak

The Tap Blog 17.01.2015
BBC no longer rational:

Istanbul University 14.04.2015:

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Continued from 2011-13

Sabah: İstanbul’un ressamı Ned Pamphilon’un sergisi sanatseverlerle 15.12.2014

The Point Hotel, Istnbul: Ned's Colourful World 10.12.2014
Piola Restaurant: Table Cloth + Ned Pizza

Ned Pamphilon`un 7 Renkli Dünyası Piola`da:
Artist Ned Pamphilon’s ‘colorful İstanbul’ on view

The Tap Blog 10.12.2014
Spivey, Tap, Veteran’s Today, UKColumn, David Icke. We need them all, says Ned.

Atlas Jet: Jetlife 01.12.2014

Istanbul University 21.11.2014
Tuvalinde Mustafa Kemal’i Yaşatan Ressam

Recent Turkish media coverage 11.11.2014
Ataturk 24 Hours in 1.23 mins time lapse 9.05am - 9.05am:
istanbul1881 YouTube:
Kanal D Ana Haber Bülteni 09.11.2014:

Various TV reports:
Kanal A (live): 
Kanal D:
Kanal D:
CNN Turk:
Bugun: Ankara to Dolmabahce to Ned at Palladium:
Kanal D:

Kanal Turk:
Bugun Hafta Sonu:

Ressam Ned Pamphilon'dan Atatürk çalışması:
İngiliz Ned Pamphilon'dan anlamlı Atatürk tablosu:
Radikal: Pamphilon yeniden İstanbul'da: "Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal":
Yeni Mesaj: ‘Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal’,13010022
Posta: 24 saatte Atatürk portresi:
F5 Haber: İngiliz ressamın Atatürk çizimi olay yarattı:

TRT Radyo 07.11.2014: 27.10.2014
İngiliz ressamın Atatürk hayranlığı:
General Turkish media:

Show Radyo 27.10.2014
Her Yer Mustafa Her Yer Kemal:

The Tap Blog 22.10.2014
Syrian Girl - internet sensation dismissed by Kim someone or other.

The Tap Blog 11.10.2014
The level of conversation is so childish - left wing, right wing, homo, racist, truther, conspiracy theorist, jew, ISIS, Ebola gonna kill you all.

The Tap Blog 28.09.2014
Handling the psychopath. Human Predators.

The Tap Blog 28.09.2014
Tap Blog goes through 10 million page downloads:

The Tap Blog 27.09.2014
Cameron states - '9/11 and 7/7 truthers must be eliminated just like ISIS'. NPP.
PM speech at the UN General Assembly 2014:

The Tap Blog 25.05.2014
Sitchin, Maxwell, Icke and so on. The Archons - who are they really?

The Tap Blog 20.05.2014
Check out the bloke testing Henry Ford's 'plastic hemp car' with a hammer from 1941. Ten times stronger than steel:

The Tap Blog 18.05.2014
Revising history. Keep your head down. It's not greatly approved of!

28.04.2014 Bursa PUCA Gallery

03.04.2014 - Avrupa Gazetesi:
Ned Pamphilon'dan Dünya Çapında İstanbul 0212 Sergisi
Gazete Metro: Ned Pamphilon’un İstanbul aşkı:
Sanat İstanbul içindir dedi, İstanbul’u resmetti:,_istanbul’u_resmetti_.html
Sanat İstanbul içindir dedi, İstanbul’u resmetti

31.03.2014 - It's Istanbul:

Elle: Sanat İstanbul İçimdir:

27.03.2014 - Hurriyet: Sanat İstanbul içindir dedi, İstanbul’u resmetti:

Akşam Gazette: İstanbul'un rengine aşık:


Ned Pamphilon: 0216 İstanbul:
Ünlü Ressam Ned Pamphilon Selin Yapı Sponsorluğunda İstanbul'da:

22.03.2014 - In case you're wondering where he's been recently - Ned Pamphilon checks in: 21.03.2014
The People's Voice:
Independent artists and their work:The Grandees are on a sketch-comedy troupe from London discussing there work. Leona talks again on the importance of creativity and work from Ned Pamphilon.


Garanti Emeklilik:

Yeni Şafak

Berkin Elvan için etkinlikler iptal edildi!

Ned Pamphilon Resim Sergisi Selin Yapı Sponsorluğunda Yapıldı:
Sanat İstanbul İçin Sergisi kokteyli 19 Mart'a ertelendi!
Avrupa Gazete:
Ned Pamphilon’dan İstanbul Tutkunlarına Özel Sergi: 0216 Istanbul:
Selin Yapı'nın düzenlediği Sanat İstanbul İçin Sergisi, 9 Mart'ta başlıyor!

TRT Haber
Istanbul 0216:
Dünyaca ünlü ressam İstanbul'u resmetti

Istanbulses Ses Gazetesi
Sanat İstanbul içindir:

Minerva: The Once and Future Saint: Edmund:

Monday, February 14, 2011


Continued from 2010

The Tap Blog 15.11.2013
Weather Wars. Fact or Fiction:

The Tap Blog 04.11.2013
The People's Voice 5pm Sunday GMT:

The Tap Blog 04.11.2013
I am looking forward to The Peoples' Voice' NPP

Bury Free Press 25.10.2013
Coney Weston 221

The Bury Edition: October 2013: p.11

The Tap Blog 17.10.2013
Britain's shame:

İceni Post 08.10.2013
My Village: Paintings of Coney Weston 221:

The Tap Blog 07.10.2013
Stop killing people

Teenager constructs nuclear power plant in his parents' garage:

The Tap Blog 29.09.2013
Ned on Sunday. The 10 false assumptions of modern science.

The Tap Blog 24.09.2013
British painter believes in mermaids... ha ha:
The Tap Blog 08.09.2013
Any answers? Blogs more trusted than the BBC:

The Tap Blog 28.08.2013
Don't let these murderers start their wars. MPs where are you?

The Tap Blog 16.08.2013
There is a military junta which the government does not control:

The Tap Blog 14.08.2013
Egyptian civilisation 12,000 years old:

The Tap Blog 12.08.2013
Protect Gerald Celente, says Ned

The Tap Blog 06.08.2013
Don't forget to entertain strangers:

The Tap Blog 04.08.2013
Today's children, tomorrow's future. Don't let them be silenced:
BBC Persia & Gilad Atzmon interview:
Here come the Jews:
Medvedev talks of aliens living among humans. Alien exposure continues apace:

The Tap Blog 31.07.2013
RSPCA has access to Police National Computer:

The Tap Blog 30.07.2013
The earth has all the properties of a black hole:

The Tap Blog 29.07.2013
Secret Space War:

The Tap Blog 24.07.2013
Presstitution avoids the real news:

The Tap Blog 19.07.2013
Making crop circles is easier than you might think:

The Tap Blog 19.07.2013
They are scared of Bitcoin because they can’t manipulate it:

The Tap Blog 16.07.2013
Trayvon Martin thing is made up by the presstitutes:

The Tap Blog 16.07.2013
Widening gulf between official statements & public awareness.
How do I engage my MP?

The Tap Blog 15.07.2013
Blair agent picked judge for Kelly Inquiry just three hours after weapons inspector's 'suicide':

The Tap Blog 14.07.2013
Conspiracy Theory Has Become Scarcely More Than A Term Of Abuse To Discredit A Politically Incorrect Squencing Of Facts:

The Tap Blog 11.07.2013
My Friend Witold:

The Tap Blog 09.07.2013
Astronauts know things:

The Tap Blog 06.07.2013
National Security Agency Called Out...
Snowden is used to desensitise public against constant monitoring, and accept it as normal:

The Tap Blog 05.07.2013
Krry Cassidy Meets Michael Meacher:

The Tap Blog 23.06.2013
Irish MP calls Obama War Criminal and Hypocrite of the Century:
Patriotism is not helpful
Before It's News
Alternative News Network
Ataturk Society UK 19.06.2013
Look into my Eyes. Peace at Home, Peace in the World:
Alternative News Network: 18.06.2013
Dear Ned. You Are Bonkers:
Before It's News
Dear Ned. You are bonkers.

Avrupa Times 18.06.2013
Look Into My Eyes:

Iceni Blog
Look Into My Eyes:

The Tap 18.06.2013
Dear Ned. You are bonkers.

Iceni Post 22.01.2013
Ned & 3 Fingers Local Gigs Jan-Feb 2013:
Boudicca, Queen of Iceni – by Ned Pamphilon

Eastern Daily Press 18.02.2012:

Diss Mercury 18.02.2012:

Bury Free Press 17.02.2012
Artists build life sized whale used in protest: 

Various media links re: whale gig...!

The Daily Telegraph 08.02.2012
Photo of the Day:

Eastern Daily Press 02.12.2011
Community spirit lights up Thetford for Christmas:

The Waveney Valley Blog 14.02.2011
For Big Society Tweet BS: