Sunday, May 06, 2001


Continued from 1997-1998

The Turkish Daily News 06.05.2001
The first published mock-up image of the Rainbow Bridge concept.
Sezai Turkes, Feyzi Akkaya, Einstein and Ataturk all on the same page

Press articles Turkey May 2001
The Marmara Taksim Business Centre collection

Para Magazine Turkey 01.04.2001
Ataturk Gulumsuyor Lutfi Kirdar I.C.E.C.

Alem Magazine Turkey 03.05.2000
"Max? Yeah!"

Maison Francaise Turkey January 2000

Hurriyet Newspaper Turkey 20.11.1999

Turkiye newspaper 10.11.1999

Milliyet Newspaper Turkey 10.11.1999

Alem Magazine, Turkey 10.11.1999

The Turkish Daily News 07.11.1999

The Turkish Daily News 20.06.1999
“Pamphilon’s bridge painting project is ridiculous, amazing and impossible.”

The Turkish Daily News 15.06.1999
"The first contemporary art exhibition in the Grand Bazaar."

Sabah Newspaper Turkey 14.06.1999
Kapalicarsi-Grand Bazaar exhibition: Istanbul? Yeah!

Hurriyet Newspaper Turkey 11.06.1999
Istanbul? Yeah!

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