Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Continued from 2002-2003

Promoturk magazine, Turkey 21.12.2004
Graphically illustrates the merits of Rainbow Bridge.

Vatan Newspaper, Turkey November 09.11.2004
Comment on the "San Francisco" references made about the Rainbow Bridge peace project.

The Turkish Daily News 15.10.2004
Letter to the Editor.

Vatan Newspaper, Turkey 30.09.2004.

Tempo Magazine, Turkey 16.09.2004
The ridiculous one jump shot double page spread.

Posta Newspaper 16.09.2004

Sabah Newspaper 29.08.2004 writes about Ned coming to Istanbul to get married. It was news to NPP and Ned!

Fly Air Magazine August 2004

City Plus Magazine, Turkey 01.05.2004

"Recently the rainbow has become a reasonable symbol for all kinds of associations, parties and companies in the world. The idea to paint the bridge is the idea of an inspired person. Since the bridge was built all we ever saw was a dark grey colour, so it must be better to paint it as a rainbow, which joins two continents. I really believe in Ned's project since dreams are the basis for huge constructions. Ned Pamphilon, a British painter, asked me: 'What would you say if I said I wanted to paint the underneath of the Bosphorus Bridge?'
At first I thought it was a joke, but when I saw his photographs and visuals, I realized it could be a great project."
Leyla Umar, Vatan Newspaper 15.03.2004

"Ned Pamphilon, a foreigner belonging to Istanbul more than any of us.... There is a voting procedure on his website and 30,000 people voted positively for the Rainbow Bridge."
Cahit Akyol, Hurriyet 06.03.2004

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