Monday, February 14, 2011


Continued from 2010

The Tap Blog 15.11.2013
Weather Wars. Fact or Fiction:

The Tap Blog 04.11.2013
The People's Voice 5pm Sunday GMT:

The Tap Blog 04.11.2013
I am looking forward to The Peoples' Voice' NPP

Bury Free Press 25.10.2013
Coney Weston 221

The Bury Edition: October 2013: p.11

The Tap Blog 17.10.2013
Britain's shame:

─░ceni Post 08.10.2013
My Village: Paintings of Coney Weston 221:

The Tap Blog 07.10.2013
Stop killing people

Teenager constructs nuclear power plant in his parents' garage:

The Tap Blog 29.09.2013
Ned on Sunday. The 10 false assumptions of modern science.

The Tap Blog 24.09.2013
British painter believes in mermaids... ha ha:
The Tap Blog 08.09.2013
Any answers? Blogs more trusted than the BBC:

The Tap Blog 28.08.2013
Don't let these murderers start their wars. MPs where are you?

The Tap Blog 16.08.2013
There is a military junta which the government does not control:

The Tap Blog 14.08.2013
Egyptian civilisation 12,000 years old:

The Tap Blog 12.08.2013
Protect Gerald Celente, says Ned

The Tap Blog 06.08.2013
Don't forget to entertain strangers:

The Tap Blog 04.08.2013
Today's children, tomorrow's future. Don't let them be silenced:
BBC Persia & Gilad Atzmon interview:
Here come the Jews:
Medvedev talks of aliens living among humans. Alien exposure continues apace:

The Tap Blog 31.07.2013
RSPCA has access to Police National Computer:

The Tap Blog 30.07.2013
The earth has all the properties of a black hole:

The Tap Blog 29.07.2013
Secret Space War:

The Tap Blog 24.07.2013
Presstitution avoids the real news:

The Tap Blog 19.07.2013
Making crop circles is easier than you might think:

The Tap Blog 19.07.2013
They are scared of Bitcoin because they can’t manipulate it:

The Tap Blog 16.07.2013
Trayvon Martin thing is made up by the presstitutes:

The Tap Blog 16.07.2013
Widening gulf between official statements & public awareness.
How do I engage my MP?

The Tap Blog 15.07.2013
Blair agent picked judge for Kelly Inquiry just three hours after weapons inspector's 'suicide':

The Tap Blog 14.07.2013
Conspiracy Theory Has Become Scarcely More Than A Term Of Abuse To Discredit A Politically Incorrect Squencing Of Facts:

The Tap Blog 11.07.2013
My Friend Witold:

The Tap Blog 09.07.2013
Astronauts know things:

The Tap Blog 06.07.2013
National Security Agency Called Out...
Snowden is used to desensitise public against constant monitoring, and accept it as normal:

The Tap Blog 05.07.2013
Krry Cassidy Meets Michael Meacher:

The Tap Blog 23.06.2013
Irish MP calls Obama War Criminal and Hypocrite of the Century:
Patriotism is not helpful
Before It's News
Alternative News Network
Ataturk Society UK 19.06.2013
Look into my Eyes. Peace at Home, Peace in the World:
Alternative News Network: 18.06.2013
Dear Ned. You Are Bonkers:
Before It's News
Dear Ned. You are bonkers.

Avrupa Times 18.06.2013
Look Into My Eyes:

Iceni Blog
Look Into My Eyes:

The Tap 18.06.2013
Dear Ned. You are bonkers.

Iceni Post 22.01.2013
Ned & 3 Fingers Local Gigs Jan-Feb 2013:
Boudicca, Queen of Iceni – by Ned Pamphilon

Eastern Daily Press 18.02.2012:

Diss Mercury 18.02.2012:

Bury Free Press 17.02.2012
Artists build life sized whale used in protest: 

Various media links re: whale gig...!

The Daily Telegraph 08.02.2012
Photo of the Day:

Eastern Daily Press 02.12.2011
Community spirit lights up Thetford for Christmas:

The Waveney Valley Blog 14.02.2011
For Big Society Tweet BS: